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We weren’t expected, We were selected!

My experience was a unique blessing. I was able to meet several members of Dreams while in country helping another Dreams family during their adoption, and it was that experience that made me know I would be back to adopt from Bulgaria and that I *must* work with Dreams. I love everything they stand for, the desire to keep their functioning in the family, the genuine love and understanding of what it truly means to be disabled and viewed as a burden to society, their drive to give those with disabilities a fighting chance at finding families. If we were going to take the leap, I knew I needed Dreams to be the ones overseeing this paper pregnancy to ensure every tiny aspect would be taken care of, and it most definitely was. They truly are the Dream team and I will only go back if I can work with them again. Our daughter Milena was registered for adoption in 2010 at 6 years old and Dreams requested her file repeatedly for 4 years, never giving up on her despite being an older child with a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism and minimal inquiries about adopting her. Our son Elijah was from an orphanage that we wouldn't have ever paid special attention to, had Toni not fought to seek justice for the children and ensure conditions improve there. His middle name is Anthony after Toni, because without her we would have never known the plight of the kids in his orphanage and more specifically wouldn't have known about him. She fought for my children from the day she knew of their existence and availability and never stopped fighting for them until they were safely home in a family. Dreams will forever hold a very special place in our hearts, we owe them more than money could ever offer and they truly are forever a part of our extended family. Milena and Elijah are so loved and we can't imagine life without them, their lives would be so different today if Dreams hadn't gone into file selection with a promise to find each child a family, no matter how long it takes, they are the real deal and we are so grateful to have them by our side.


The Novit Family