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We loved you before we knew you

God worked in our hearts over the course of 2 years to show us the need of children with special needs around the world who languish in orphanages around the world. We had no idea that He had already been at work making the way for a very special little girl to become our forever child. The month that Christy was formed in her mother's womb in Bulgaria, a woman in Pennsylvania, Susanna, found out that the child she was carrying had Down Syndrome. That very month someone gave her a link to my blog about my daughter, Esther, who was born with Down Syndrome. Susanna and I became cyber friends. Later God led her to adopt Katie from Bulgaria and this was a huge inspiration for me to begin advocating for orphans, and eventually led to our finding Christy. God put into action His plan to place Christy in our home the very month that she was conceived. God has worked in our lives through our adoption of Christy. She has taught us so much through her will to survive - open heart surgery, 4 bouts of pneumonia. She is happy almost all the time and her laughter is so contagious! She has won her way into her daddy's heart like none of our other children. He says that adopting Christy has been a life changing experience for him (and this from a man who was not in the least bit interested in adopting a child, ever, at all). Christy has had to go through a lot of medical stuff since she has come home, but she takes it all in stride and her laughter and happy sounds have carried her through and brightened our days (and our nights!).


The Einfeld Family